Know you

I notice how the rhythm of this blog keeps changing as my life does. Now that I’m trying to edge a bit more time towards my fiction, while trying to work and live a life and get silly with Chotto-ma, I find less time to write to you. Okay, ramble to you. I miss that. (You better miss it too!)

Blogs have their limitations, don’t they? You get to know me better than I do you. But, if you’ve been on any length of this journey with me, it’d be nice to change that.

I closed the Peppercorns Facebook page a couple of years ago. But my personal Facebook is there, and these days it seems easier to connect with people there, in little bursts, when I don’t quite find the time to write longer posts. So if you’ve been reading what I write, and following this blog, please come along and find me on Facebook if you’re on it. It’s where I share bits of goings-on, in a fairly selfie-free, non-opinionated space. Haha. (No, really.)

Of course, you can add me as a friend, or click ‘Follow’, depending on the boundaries of your privacy. But hopefully, it’ll let me get to know you outside of this blog, where it’s me doing most of the talking!

Also: We just got back from Paris, and since I haven’t had the time to sit down and put Paris into words, I’m doing Paris in photographs on FB in small daily doses.

You’ll find it, and me, linked here.

Come say ‘hi’!

Sending you crunchy autumn leaves and hugs,

11 thoughts on “Know you

  1. Aye! Aye! I miss it, too – your blog posts are now few and far in between compared to the previous years.. but, having followed your writing for so long, I know why, and always wait for a link to pop up on your page that'll lead me to the latest magazine where your short story has been published. πŸ™‚

    For people who are not on Facebook I believe the Instagram feed will have to suffice for now… πŸ™‚ I used to be on Facebook and connected with you on it too (we share the same birthday, and I would wish you on the FB page you had, do you recall?). But now, taking a hiatus.

    Hope to read more about your trip in your future posts.

    Happy trails until then..

  2. I do remember you well, and the lovely letter you wrote to me. And the birthday we share! Hope you've been well, Ankita.
    I take frequent breaks from facebook, so I can understand your being away from it for now.
    And in the meanwhile, instagram it is.

  3. I hope we can be real friends then, Emma. I think after all these years, we might've earned it! Always tricky though isn't it, sending someone a friend-request? πŸ™‚ xx

  4. Glad you found me there, Revatii! (See I already know you a little better. I know you spell you name with more than one 'i') πŸ™‚

  5. Am online after a long time, with life getting way busier than I intended it to be. And this. I will find you, wherever you write, dear Pia πŸ™‚ I hope you continue to pen here, much thanks for this space and all the emotions and peace you spread !

    love, Soumya

  6. Thank you for the kindest words, always, Soumya. So touched. It's good to hear from you after a long, long time. Hope life is well? Yes, find me on Facebook if you're there…I almost never find my way into Twitter.

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