Dancing in the Drawing Room / Fiction

Hi, everyone!

Remember Structo – the lovely journal where my short story was published a few months ago? Well, the issue is now online and free to read, so here’s me giving you a shout as promised!

It’s a story about a single evening, a fraction of a moment, about secrets. (Don’t keep your thoughts on it a secret, though! Drop me a note, tell me know what you think.)

Here’s the link to the story:

Dancing in the Drawing Room

I hope you enjoy reading it!
Much love,

PS: In case you missed the earlier post on the Structo publication and my reading, and are wondering what I’m talking about, here’s a rewind.

16 thoughts on “Dancing in the Drawing Room / Fiction

  1. I read your blog page by page when I found it one day. I was going through a low phase then & your posts just made me feel normal 🙂 Thereafter, i started waiting for your posts & then lost track. Imagine my surprise that after months today, I came back to this space once again & had not only a post or two to read but a whole story!

    Loved it! These little secrets make up for a couple's journey just as much as spending some hard times together. Keep writing!

  2. Pia, I opened the story (against better judgement) when I had a work deadline looming – meaning to come back to it – but of course at the first sentence was so drawn to it that I had to finish reading right then. Like everyone else said, I felt I was there, part of what was unfolding. I love the detail in your stories. Here's to many more!

  3. Pia, such a warm, gorgeous, tender story, or should I call it a 'moment' that becomes a story. The craft is so impeccable and so understated, that I cannot praise it enough. One particular line there was also like a life lesson of sorts. You are going all the way my friend, no question about it.

    As for the line that made me linger for more than a couple of moments, here it is:

    'But as is the nature of an option, it makes you more secure about the future, and less settled in the present.'

  4. Himali, thank you for writing such a warm note, so so glad you read and enjoyed the story. And thank you also for staying with the blog…I'm happy it helped you in some small way. It really makes this space worth writing. Much love, and do come back xx

  5. Lakshmi, thanks for reading it when you shouldn't have, and responding to the story as you did. Writing is such a solitary job – someone reading and writing back their thoughts makes it feel less like a lone battle 🙂

  6. Thank you so much, Vispy! If I haven't said it enough, your support and reading means much to me always.
    And it's strange and lovely that you called it a 'moment', because it was an observed moment at a party that started the story.

  7. My feelings are echoed through most of the comments above…so I will just say I loved it and I look forward to reading an entire book written by you someday, because I certainly crave more of such good stuff 😉

  8. Tandra, sorry for replying so late…I've been in India, and deliberately far from the internet. Thanks so much for reading and enjoying the story; as always, I appreciate that more than you know.

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