Step back

It was eight o’clock in the evening. Chotto-ma was still up – it being a weekend. D and I had poured ourselves some wine and Chet Baker was wafting around the house. That’s when I noticed the light. From the window, the outside looked liked a giant Monet. The sun was sinking; its last pink light was bouncing off the river like shoals of salmon.

We took the bottle of wine, our glasses, the bowl of olives, put everything into a brown paper bag and went down to the river; Chotto-ma in her pyjamas. We cut across the Common, past the the cows, the tall grass licking our ankles, sticking to my jeans, and found a bench next to a boat called Susie Q. Everything was a pinkish-bronze: people on cycles, the Labrador chasing his ball, my toes, the tips of the grass. Dying embers of a day’s end. This hallowed light makes such innocents of us all.

Last week, I decided to step back from the virtual a little; I closed my Peppercorns’ Facebook page. It felt like the right time. I needed to disconnect. If you followed me on Facebook, and suddenly found me gone, I’m sorry. But if you read and know this blog, I feel you’ll understand the why. The whim.Β 

Now, before you rush headlong into your week, I’ll leave you with a little more whimsy. With this music. Chet Baker, and cocktail clouds.

Have a wonderful week x

26 thoughts on “Step back

  1. Jo, you must sit down with a glass of wine, click on that music link, put your feet up and share my evening sometime πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Esha, I'm so touched by the words you chose – I carried them with me through a very hectic, exhausting day today. Thank you xx

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