Uncharted territory

We’re back from Sicily: goodness, an island of such utter beauty; it leaves you weak-kneed, and as surprised as a child. England, on the other hand, was as stolid as a black umbrella on a soggy day. The plane landed through dark grey clouds, on a wet tarmac, into a damp chill – the usual suspects really, but home still. Never a bad thing.

I’m going to put together a post on our lazy-hazy-crazy days in the Sicilian sun, but before that I thought I’d share something else.

Some months ago, I terrified myself by writing my first short story. And then I wrote another. One of those stories was shortlisted for the Words And Women Competition, 2014. It’s a story called Mrs. Sen. I’ll be reading from it at the launch of the Words And Women Anthology next week.

You can read about it, and about the wonderfully gifted authors I’ll be reading with, here:

If you have nothing better to do, and are anywhere near the event, do pop in and watch me walk into uncharted territory. In a different kind of weak-kneed.

36 thoughts on “Uncharted territory

  1. Yayyy… Attagirl! How I wish to be there to hear you read! I am sure this is first of many wonderful things to come. I am very sure that soon the day will come when I'll be holding the book full of your stories πŸ™‚

  2. Yay! Hearty Congratulations. Given how beautiful your writing is, I am not surprised with your win. πŸ™‚ You go girl!


  3. Well, first off, so glad you got so child like amusement in Sicily. It is an island of wonders!
    Second, but not last, so excited to hear of your newly minted short story writer career! I uaed to write short stories as an adolescent…and then? What happened? Why did I stop? Not quite sure, life maybe, so you inspired me to think about startibng again!

  4. Thanks Sia! Sending you a big hug for those words of encouragement. A book might be a long way away, but your note means much.

  5. Thanks so very much, Siri! *hugs* Your kind words are always appreciated.
    The story is not online yet, but I'll link up on the blog as soon as it is. You must tell me what you think.

  6. To the first: Sicily, ah, Sicily. I'd like to move there, Amelia. The people, the land, the food – don't get me started!
    And to the second: Don't stop! Start again. I'd love to read one of your stories.

  7. And I'd have loved to hear you read 'After the Sour Lemon Moon' πŸ™‚ Someday, maybe.

    Not online yet, Denise. And this story isn't part of this anthology. But will give you a shout when it's out. Would love you to read it.

  8. Thanks Pratirupa! Unfortunately, I can't publish it on the blog – that stops it from being published elsewhere. But will put up details here once it's available online.

  9. wow !! darun..thakle nishchoi aashtam, taar pore ek cup chaa khey goppo martaam..but none the same, best wishes Pia πŸ™‚ khub bhalo hobey

    Sicily pics awaited and so are CM's stories revolving around it

  10. Thanks Emma!
    The mound of photos from Sicily are currently being sorted – argh, my least favourite job! πŸ™‚

  11. Fantastic news! You are a delight to read, and I'll be keeping a lookout for the anthology. I hope it appears in a Spanish bookstore one day very soon (until then, yes, online linkage, please!) Glad I'm not too late to say break a leg tomorrow. X

  12. Thanks so much, Kyra! No not late at all. It's just the message I needed this morning – the reading's today. Hugs x

  13. Thanks Nicole. Glad to report that is went wonderfully well! I surprised myself by thoroughly enjoying the read πŸ™‚

  14. Oh wow! Proud of U! Really awesome….ami kobe theke bhavei cholechi likhbo, kintu hoye ar otheni, So glad that u got recognised in the first effort. Always devoured ur writings on the blog, now can't wait to read a full length story! whoooooooohhh! , hugs n muahhhhs too

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