Enter at your own risk

When I asked her what cake she’d like for her 5th birthday party, her answer was quick, sure: ‘Dinosaur’. I admit I tried suggesting other options. I couldn’t begin to imagine baking a cake that resembled a Stegosaurus, or any Othersaurus for that matter. But what other options could stand a chance next to earth-stomping, tree-chomping, meat-chewing monsters?

Chotto-ma is a keen follower of all things prehistoric, and a dinosaur party for her fifth birthday was the appropriate rite of passage. So, here we are.

And here’s the day in pictures. It was a good, good day.




Β ….

(* The dino illustration on the favor bags is from a lovely blog called Sugar Beet Press. She also has a beautiful Etsy store.)

Β ….

14 thoughts on “Enter at your own risk

  1. I am not half as creative as you…so when my 4 year old started asking for a dino cake for his 5th b'day, next year, I was thinking my only option would be to buy one…but your cake has made me rethink..there is nothing that can match the beauty and warmth of a cake baked by your own hands and you have inspired me to try it out…thank you! Also, did bake another cake for the head and neck? And was it a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting? Any tips would be most helpful 😊

  2. Karishma, now I'll be looking forward to seeing a picture of your Dino cake πŸ™‚
    Yes, I baked two cakes in a 9-inch pan. And the icing – no not buttercream, it was just lightly sweetened cream cheese. So basically, I mixed together mascarpone, sugar and colour.

  3. Hi, I just discovered your blog through a friend. You have a lovely blog here and your little daughter sounds delightful.:)

  4. Happy Birthday to Choto Ma πŸ™‚ Tumi eto creative nah! loved everything about the party decoration, food and the fun ideas! Brilliant. Ebar dekho next year ki request aashe πŸ™‚

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