I’ll walk you around the house

Every time we move house, we swear never to do it again. But in the 12 years that we’ve been married, we’ve lived in 12 houses. Now that the brown boxes are all gone, and the floors and walls filled up with cushions, canvas and clutter, I thought I’ll walk you around the house. The photographs are from my Instagram, so some of you might have seen them. This Instagram series was inspired by this post by the lovely Jess at Sweet Amandine.

I love what Instagram can do (if its filters are used with caution). I love that it often gives the photos a medium-formatish-feel. That’s what I want from Santa – a medium format camera. Meanwhile, here are the fakers. If you’d like to find me on Instagram, I’m @piaghoshroy

And this is home.

12 thoughts on “I’ll walk you around the house

  1. Such beautiful details everywhere. I never would have guessed that you've packed and unpacked so many times (12?!) over the years. Love the light in the bedroom photo with the nightstand.

  2. Haha – yes, your prop-hoarding heart would spot that! 🙂 I always find myself remembering the crockery more than the conversation after a dinner party 🙂

  3. Welcome to your new home…for now! We often laugh and say that almost nothing in our house was purchased with that location in mind. Everything is constantly getting a new role with each different house layout. Your new home is beautiful. I don't know why, but I just love that dish sitting on your drying rack in the kitchen!

  4. Thanks, Sarah. That' the most-used dish in the house 🙂
    You seem know exactly what I'm talking about! Yes, I've mastered the art of going with the flow with these things. Especially, sorting out old furniture in a new layout 🙂

  5. Love your home Pia, and I have been throwing that word “eclectic” around home lately and find your style echoes that. That crockery cabinet you did looks charming and I love the kettle.”Chobite Ramayan”, amader bariteo ache 🙂

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