Araf, araf, araf

That’s ‘slow’ in Welsh. Slow, slow, slow.

Slow, like the old train that trundled up Snowdon. Slow like the smoke that wafted out of the chimney of our bed-&-breakfast. Slow like a sheep’s chew.


Because you want the time to last. Even as your car speeds through mountain roads, and curves around coastlines, you slow down. You melt a little bit, your shoulders lose their angles, and you breathe in-in-in. It’s atrocious, the sheer beauty of Wales. Fierce, sharp and gentle, all at the same time.

D, Chotto-ma and I spent a week winding through North Wales. The first half in the mountains, and the second along the coast.

I’ve been waiting to share the week with you, so hop on, strap yourself in, and slow down.

The mountains
From Betws-y-coed, to Llanberis, up to the summit of Mount Snowdon. And down past mountain streams that giggled like a child and waterfalls that fell downdowndown. Faeries floated past I think.

The coast

We started with Portmerion – Wales’ unashamed ‘riviera’ – which makes you walk around with a silly smile on your face.

Then on to the tiny fishing village of Aberdaron. From Aberdaron to Porthdinllaen, where a pub called the Ty Coch Inn stood like an old weathered boat on a small smuggler’s cove. Tucked away from all the world. Offering warm, baked pots of food to only those who ventured far enough to find it.

Our Welsh week ended at Llandudno – the lively Victorian seaside town that leaned against the mountains and stretched its feet into the sand.

Araf. Araf. Araf.


16 thoughts on “Araf, araf, araf

  1. I even scrolled down slowly to take in the beauty of wales in your photographs. The common thread throughout the photos and the narratives is the feeling of content that it conveys. Would love to visit Wales one day

  2. We keep returning to Snowdonia every year…the mountains, streams, narrow country roads, sea, sand, people, sheep etc beckons us and I fall more n more in love little more every time we visit! we missed going there this year but your photos have made up for everything and I just travelled there through your photo journey! araf… araf… araf…

  3. Just breathtaking photos. You captured the quaint setting so beautifully. I'm sure you all had a wonderful time! Oh, I especially loved the pic of you on the bench and the one with all the ships! Gorgeous.

  4. Ah, and your words just brought it all back πŸ™‚ Yes, we see ourselves going back many times, Sia. The owners of our b&b were saying how most people always chose south Wales, and knew little about the beauty of the north.

  5. i find myself defending slowness rather often. In a world where everything seems to require speed. Your photos took me through an entire pot of tea, two biscuits, and two movements of a symphony. It was such a treat getting to journey through your lens for a moment there… hope you're well, Pia.

  6. Could there be anything nicer than to have this post read to tea, biscuits and music? πŸ™‚ Hello Mina! – it's always so lovely to hear your voice here. Yes, we must be one of the last believers of 'slow'.

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