London Twenty Twelve

The Olympics is over. London is catching up on its sleep. The colours are suddenly quieter now – no more candy-pink t-shirts and flag-wrapped shoulders.

We took a bus to Knightsbridge in the midst of the Olympics. On the bus, were four old Chinese women. And as bus rides go, this one stood out. Two of the women were as quiet as mice. And the other two were as loud as…well, as loud as old Chinese women. They made it quite clear that they weren’t related, and didn’t want to be.

One of loud little women, let’s call her Oldsmile, fussed over Chotto-Ma throughout the four-stop ride. She clucked and she chuckled, she rearranged Chotto-ma’s dress, brushed back her hair, asked her for kisses. And then, Oldsmile wrinkled up her nose and told Chotto-Ma that the other noisy Chinese woman on the bus was crazy, and that the world was a dangerous place, and great caution was required at every step. And she told her that daddies knew nothing and mummies knew everything.

Meanwhile, the other loud little woman, let’s call her Oldodd, walked up and down the bus, punching the air and screaming. Really screaming. She cursed the Olympics and scolded the driver. She hollered about how she needed to get off the bus and how the bus wouldn’t stop and how she couldn’t get to work now and why she hated everyone and how everyone could sod off. Chotto-Ma heard many words that she’d never heard before.

Life lessons on a four-stop ride. As strange as London. A bit unhinged. Very kooky. And as beautiful. Kind of like the Olympics. 

6 thoughts on “London Twenty Twelve

  1. You seem to be right in the middle of all that action. CM learned her life's lessons, it takes all kinds to make the world, or a bus ride in this case:)
    BigSis is having withdrawal symptoms with the games over.

  2. 🙂 yes, chotto-ma did indeed. and i, for one, am not one to hold hands over her ears.
    so you have a sport enthusiast at home! this post goes out to BigSis then.

  3. Love the first photograph of you and Chotto-ma and the other where this guy is holding his gf or wife up so that she can watch all the action. Watched the Olympics Closing ceremony and it was spectacular to say the least. I miss London. Hope I can make it before this year ends. Fingers-crossed. I'll let you know if and when I do.

  4. Oooh – we might get to meet! Come, stay with us, Anita. Chotto-Ma and Mimi would get along like a house on fire. Email me when you know when! 🙂

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