Red, blue and white

That was the colour of the city this long weekend. Four days of utter Britishness, and four key words – Queen, coronation, jubilee, flotilla. So, did we queue up for the famous flotilla? No, Ma’am. But we did queue up for something that rhymes with flotilla. Tortilla. Will that do?

It did do for us. The tortilla, the kibbeh, the paella, the churros, the Malaysian curries with roti canai. London’s Street Food Festival was on.

World street food, on a very British day, on a very British street, under a very British drizzle. It seemed just right.

If you weren’t there, here’s what London looked like. When it all turned red, blue and white.

6 thoughts on “Red, blue and white

  1. thanks anita. the colours did make the grey day look a whole lot better. and i must admit, i do enjoy the occassional bout of royaltyness!

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