The snow has melted now. These photographs were taken on our Sunday walk last week. When the snow still covered everything like a big white eiderdown.

I can’t wear gloves when I take pictures. Nor can I wear them when washing dishes. The nerve-endings on my fingertips can’t feel its way around the job at hand. It’s like eating with a blocked nose. There’s no sense of recognition.

What there is, hence, is frozen fingers. Skin burnt red in the cold. And a bunch of photographs taken as quickly as possible.

Chris, this one’s for you. Thank you for the loan of that gorgeous, heavyweight of a lens. I have a few new muscles to show for it. I doubt I did the lens justice, but what a fantastic time was had.

10 thoughts on “White

  1. thanks grace ๐Ÿ™‚ we did have a very pretty winter this year. it's amazing how different the weather can be just a couple of hours' drive in a different direction.

  2. Beautiful pictures… What on earth is that person carrying in the 3rd pic down though? Is it a cauldron or a barbecue?

    Today is the big Carnival day in Bavaria. I managed to take the children along to see some of it, and the streets were covered in brightly coloured confetti. I thought about you as my pictures certainly didn't do it justice! Emma ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. really, what IS that? i thought it was something awfully English that you'd be able to tell me all about. it was copper, and filled with smoking coals (i think, from whatever i could zoom into)

    carnival day must've been fun! must hop over to check out your pictures, which i'm sure are gorgeous!

  4. we had no snow this year. not a flake. first time in the last 18 years. I cannot wear gloves while washing dishes either. I have to feel as i wash and not becoz I love washing dishes. If I do not get the feeling, I tend to drop the dishes and also get worried they are not clean enough.

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