{midweek monochrome}

It’s one of the places to get authentic Vietnamese food in London. A tiny, unassuming cafe hidden away in the bustle of the city’s business district. We reached there at the very peak of our hunger, only to learn that it was closed on Sundays. It will have to be on my to-do list – it was recommended to me by Uyen, who runs one of the most popular Supper Clubs in London, and a very exciting Vietnamese cooking class that I must learn from some day.

10 thoughts on “{midweek monochrome}

  1. Vietnamese cooking classes? Sounds very exciting. I had a colleague once that came from Vietnam. He invitied me for dinner once, and I have fond memories of it – the food, sure, but most of all the warmth. He was quite detached in our working environment, and being in his home allowed me to see another side of him. I'd love to be able to recreate some of the dishes: they were exotic but very balanced to my western palate.

  2. Yes, I can imagine the informal warmth well πŸ™‚ And it is perfectly complemented by their food. It's also a country I would like to take some time travelling through someday.

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