{midweek monochrome}


Sometimes, When the Light
By Lisel Mueller
Sometimes, when the light strikes at odd angles
and pulls you back into childhood

And you are passing a crumbling mansion
completely hidden behind old willows

Or an empty convent guarded by hemlocks
and giant firs standing hip to hip,

You know again that behind that wall,
under the uncut hair of the willows

Something secret is going on,
so marvellous and dangerous

That if you crawled through and saw,
you would die, or be happy forever.

13 thoughts on “{midweek monochrome}

  1. I love the lighting in this picture! I also love pictures that make you think, and this one does! Do you have a Pinterest account? I have just joined and you are incredibly popular on there! Emma 🙂

  2. A light-filled grotto – now there's a gorgeous oxymoron for you. 🙂 Wouldn't I love to pull up a chair in that protected sunlight. Happy December, Pia!

  3. emma, i did venture into that virtual pinboard after you told me about it, and it was full of such gorgeous things! but i left as quietly as i'd walked in – i'm going to avoid this addiction for now 🙂

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