9 thoughts on “{midweek monochrome}

  1. I am in love with this little sparkle 🙂 I can so relate for I would have my daughter repeat like a parrot… the ingredients for a cake! A chef in the making for sure. Hugs to her and sometimes those nasty winter evenings are made warm and hearty by little darlings like this one you have.

  2. ah! I posted the comment in the wrong post.. LOL.. this was meant to be in the cake post:) Shows my crazy state of mind ..sorry about it!

  3. i'm often in that crazy state of mind myself, soma :)) and you're right – there's something wondeful about baking with your child. lovely, messy memories 🙂

  4. @perfectionmakesmeyawn: and your little girl will, before you know it! there's nothing like their early drawings – they're so free!

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