{midweek monochrome}

    When she sees another child scribbling on walls, she reminds me it’s a ‘not good problem’.
    I wonder what she would make of this.
    Brooklyn, NY

You can also find this on Susan’s lovely blog, The Well-Seasoned Cook, for Black and White Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “{midweek monochrome}

  1. So well clicked, Pia. I'm not sure if this is a viable eatery (it is Brooklyn, after all), or an abandoned joint or warehouse where vandals had at it. Do you know its history? What I do know for sure is that this scene would not have worked nearly as well in color unless you went w/ over-the-top HDR. It couldn't be better as is in B/W. Thanks for another great BWW photo.

  2. i wish i knew more, susan. but i have a feeling you're right – the place is probably a has-been. but if it were vandals, they sure added to the character.

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