The first bite

This is a bit like watching my daughter take her first wobbly steps. Quite sure of her need to walk, not quite sure of much else. I’m the wobbly blogger. And though I’ve written for a living, writing the personal is infinitely more challenging than writing for a paycheck.

So, here’s me, raising my glass of Tempranillo to all ye brave bloggers. I just got here.


Suddenly, and quite strongly, I felt the need to record. Record the recipes I’ve created, and forgotten. The wonderful little kitchens we’ve discovered in little lost villages. Delicious farmers’ markets with houmous that makes you happy. And my life with D and our daughter, better than anything I could ever cook up.

Amidst all the ‘fooding’ – talking about food, writing about food, scouring for food or slaving for food – I would like this to be a record of things that will make me smile, many years on.

My two-year old is already two years old! And I can hardly remember her as the tiny blob she must have been. I will need the help of my ramblings to give me back this funny little girl, when she’s a teenager driving me up the walls.

I love peppercorns. I like them pink, and crushed in dark chocolate. Green, and crusted on a halibut. Black, and coarsely milled over a golden, buttery toast. They travel with me, they sneak into my stews, they make things interesting. Like my peppercorns, I want this blog to be sprinkled with all the things I find interesting.

My family and friends, of course, will be bound by contract, to read my rants. But if there’s anybody else out there, unbelievably, reading what I write, please leave me a line. It’ll be nice to know that I’m not talking to myself. Again.

18 thoughts on “The first bite

  1. Pia di, we could not hold ourselves from reading your blog, even on our vacation to Italy and let me tell you it is worth it! Loved each and every word of it! I wish you the best on this new virtual foody journey you now begin! I know my phone bills will be lot lower now that all of your recipes would be posted online! love you loads- Ruchi

  2. Peni through you I too find many peppercorns bouncing around in my pockets! So many people will love you for starting this blog, will read it for inspiration, when they are bored at work and when they simply want to feel happy. I loved your first blog and know we have a delicious journey ahead of us. Happy blogging! Khuran

  3. mummum loved reading this ,dont stop ,this will take u places,ilove the way u look at things in such a refreshingly different way & have such a quirky way of saying things .Iam waiting for the next.

  4. Pia girl, at last your virtual kitchen accessible to all! I'm just hoping to be your not so far away neighbour again soon so I can get to sample a few virtual wonders of yours in flesh.
    But seriously girl, stop worrying if any one will like it. They will love it! To say the least and won't be able to live without it! So best of luck. And you know, I hope a few years on we will be sitting together, having some fragrant tea and reading the very first bite once again 🙂

  5. I just loved your blog! Specially the bits about your penchant for peppercorns and the references to your darling daughter! Keep writing 🙂 Sorry…'Eyes'is my nom de plume in my blog 'Blue Bayou'- Anjana

  6. dalia girl, you always make my day. but then, you know that! how about sitting together and having some of that fragrant tea sooner? like this weekend?

  7. mummum keep going i cant wait for ur next the pictures are lovely the pie looks so tempting .Iam so glad gubgub is going through these culinary delights& i can imagine how much Bappa must be enjoying it all!Aj jamai shasti amar hoay Bappa k kosha mangsho korae khaoash.Love u all.Ma.

  8. Hey Pia,
    Love ur blog. It's u one hundred percent. The pics are great and I can't wait to try out some of your recipes. Really, the pics are totally great!!!!!

  9. My friend Uyen (loveLeluu) shared the link to your blog and I've spent a happy while reading through your blog posts to date and quickly adding your blog to my RSS reader.

    I love your warm and personal style, the lovely photographs and your unique take on things (with help from insights from the little one).

    I have #bloglove and #blogenvy in equal measure!

    Looking forward to reading more,

  10. Pia, I am so glad I know you..You totally rock! Your pics, your style of writing and the food of course are just fab! Keep rocking girl!

  11. I am usually a lurker but I had to leave a comment as I have managed to read through your lovely blog over two(!) days. You write so beautifully and it's been a pleasure to read about your lovely family (especially chotto-ma), and I can't wait to try some of your recipes. We are planning a move to the UK (from Australia – which is home for me) and your writing about life in Cambridge has certainly reduced my anxiety around it, so thank you. Dee

  12. Hi Dee, thank you for deciding to write it; I loved finding your note in my inbox this morning. I remember feeling a mix of many emotions when we moved to the UK from India, so I can imagine a little of what's going on inside your head. But I'm sure you'll love it – it has a lot of charm, this little place. You'll love all the history, the countryside, the people. (And you'll miss the sun – but that's the UK!) If you're in my corner of the country, give me a shout. Love, P x

  13. Hi Pia, thank you for responding – I didn't expect that and thus the late response. It is definitely the weather that has me most concerned about the UK but I'm sure I'll enjoy exploring a new country (and Europe), so I'm hoping they balance each other out :). I will certainly give you a shout when we make our way across the pond. Dee x

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